5 Delicious Keto Meal Replacement Shake Recipes from KetoLogic

Tired of the old powdery protein shake? We feel your pain. That’s why we created the best-tasting keto meal replacement shake (KetoMeal®) and took it a step further by developing incredible keto-friendly recipes with it.
These KetoLogic KetoMeal® recipes are so good you’ll feel like you’re having a cheat meal except everything is going EXACTLY according to plan. Turns out it’s not a crime to love everything you eat while dieting!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Autumn means pumpkin everything and the keto diet is no exception. Using our delicious vanilla MRP, real pumpkin spices, and some cream, we made a keto-friendly pumpkin spice latte that you can sip on every morning without ingesting dozens of grams of sugar from pumpkin-flavored corn syrup.

RECIPE: Pumpkin Spice Latte with KetoLogic Vanilla KetoMeal®

Dark Chocolate Mudslide

You’ll never look at a chocolate shake the same after you try this creamy low-carb dark chocolate mudslide with a hint of autumnal spices and hazelnut. Enjoy this mudslide for breakfast, after your workout, or get chocolate-drunk for dessert!

RECIPE: Dark Chocolate Mudslide with Chocolate KetoMeal®

Vanilla Cappuccino

In Italy, proper cappuccino etiquette means switching to espresso by noon. In the wonderful world of keto, we make foamy keto cappuccinos all day, every day! Sprinkle a little cinnamon or nutmeg on top of the froth and enjoy a fancy, festive cup of Joe.

RECIPE: Vanilla Cappuccino

Keto Iced Coffee

Iced coffee never goes out of season in our eyes. Cold brew coffee, a cup of ice, and 1 serving of vanilla MRP is all you need to make a muddled keto iced coffee to keep you full and focused for hours on end.


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