The Top 3 Beginner Keto Mistakes

Starting a new diet can be hard. Starting the ketogenic diet can be even harder since it follows specific guidelines to get your body into ketosis (i.e. fat-burning mode). To feel the most benefits of the keto diet, it’s important to achieve and stay in ketosis.

One of the top challenges for those new to the ketogenic lifestyle is eating the right foods in the right amounts. That’s why Los created this video… to address the top 3 beginner keto mistakes. In his video series, Keto Thoughts, Los goes over the three biggest mistakes that could prevent someone from achieving ketosis. He also shares some of his favorite keto supplements and snacks that help him stay in ketosis.

Whether you are new to Keto or an experienced Keto dieter, Keto Thoughts offers great solutions for receiving all of the benefits that Keto has to offer. Many people who struggle with Keto are simply eating the wrong types of foods (or the wrong amounts). With Keto Thoughts, you’ll never have to stress about this again!


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