ketologic testimonial/endorsement policy

Ketologic, LLC (“Ketologic”) hereby adopts this Endorsement Policy (the “Policy”) which shall apply to
any and all users of Ketologic products who make and/or submit an endorsement and/or testimonial about
Ketologic and/or its products (each an “Endorser” collectively, “Endorsers”).

With respect to statements or claims made in advertising messages or other promotional communications
about Ketologic and/or its products, Endorsers are legally responsible for their opinions, comments and/or content and shall comply with the following principles:

a. Endorser shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, orders and ordinances related to
advertising messages and promotional communications including but not limited to the Federal
Trade Commission Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in
Advertising including Blogs and Social Media found at

b. Endorser shall only make statements that are true and accurate, reflect Endorser’s honest
opinions, beliefs or experiences with Ketologic and/or its products, with the acknowledgement
that such statement or views do not necessarily represent the views of Ketologic;

c. Endorser shall not post or submit any content that is libelous or defamatory; contains nudity or
pornographic materials, or is otherwise obscene, that is hateful, threatening, or incites violence; or
that in any way promotes unsafe activities that could lead to an unsafe situation involving
Ketologic, its customers, its products or other individuals;

d. Endorser shall follow the terms of use and other policies of the site or platform upon which
Endorser posts or submits any content including as applicable, the Ketologic website Terms of

e. Endorser shall (i) not engage in any deceptive, misleading, unethical or otherwise illegal practices;
(ii) not purport to make any statement on behalf of Ketologic; (iii) not utilize the Ketologic name,
its brands or products in any form of unsolicited communications such as, but not limited to spam
or other unsolicited email; (iv) not make any representations, warranties, or guarantees, with
respect to safety or a consumer’s expected results from use of the Ketologic products unless such
statements have been pre-approved in writing by Ketologic; (v) not purport to provide medical
advice in any of the submitted or posted content; and (vi) shall ensure that all materials submitted
including but not limited to spoken statements, photographs and videos shall be truthful, accurate
and not misleading.

f. Any postings or materials submitted by Endorser on any social media or other web or mobile
platform or otherwise submitted by Endorser shall (i) be original to and created by Endorser; (ii)
not use any trademarks, logos, music, photos, art, text and/or other proprietary materials that
Endorser does not own or have the explicit rights to use; and (iii) not contain any links to third
party websites or materials unless directed or approved in writing in advance by Ketologic;

g. To the extent that Endorser is being paid by Ketologic, is receiving free product from Ketologic
and/or is otherwise connected to Ketologic in a manner which would materially affect the
credibility of your endorsement, Endorser must clearly and conspicuously disclose its
connection to Ketologic (e.g. “Ketologic gave me this product to try”). Endorser shall ensure that
any such disclosure is in close proximity to the endorsement to which it relates.

If an Endorser does not agree and/or cannot comply with the above, an Endorser is not permitted to submit and/or otherwise post any endorsement, testimonial or content related to Ketologic and/or its products. Ketologic may review testimonials and endorsements from time to time and may take appropriate action if such material is not in compliance with this Policy or other applicable laws or guidelines. Additionally, Endorser should at all times be aware that its posts and/or submissions may remain public or may be archived so that such content may be stored and retrievable, indefinitely.

Ketologic reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time.
This Policy is effective immediately and was last updated July 26, 2017.

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