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Bill K., 46

"I started dropping weight immediately, but maintained strength and energy for grueling CrossFit WODs, maintained good energy levels throughout the day without mid-day slumps or crashes, and slept much better

- Bill K., 46

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Kristen H., 40

"It’s so much better to have a plan and have products to base your day on

- Kristen H., 40

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Kriston G.

"I was already keto as a WOE when I started this and I had already lost 12 pounds, but I was at a standstill with weight loss

- Kriston G.

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Matt D., 31

"As a runner—especially a long distance runner— you sort of get in this habit of, ‘there’s a race coming up, two days before you carb load’… I competed in two events during the Keto 30, one was a half marathon and one was a Half-Ironman triathlon

- Matt D., 31

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Carrie M., 40

"The Keto 30 was brand new, I’ve never done it before

- Carrie M., 40

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