KetoLogic has teamed up with TruMacro to bring you the best tasting combo in KETO.  1 scoop of KetoLogic Vanilla Keto Meal and 1 scoop of Lemon Cream pie BHB + MCT gives you the best tasting meal replacement shake + BHBs in one shake.

TruMacro's BHB+ MCT normally retails for $99.99 a bottle.  Think about it as a container of BHB + a bottle of MCT + a container of electrolytes all in one AMAZING Lemon Cream Pie flavor.

With this in depth formula there is zero clumping with the BHB and is one of the best tasting products we have ever tried!!   Add it to your Keto Meal or just add it into water.  Either way - You are going to love this.

- 28 Servings - 

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