Blue Cheese Butter

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PER Serving: Calories 156 | Fat 16g | Carbohydrates 0g | Fiber 0g | Net Carbohydrates 0g | Protein 3g

Recipe by Brandon McDearis

This simple blue cheese butter is a great accompaniment to many meals. It is classically melted over steak, but it is also a great topper to other proteins, such as chicken, fish and pork. It can even be a delicious addition when mixed in with vegetables or added to soups and stews.



  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together until thoroughly incorporated. This can be done with an electric mixer at low speed.
  2. Scoops of the butter can be served as is, but you can also scoop tablespoons of the butter onto a greased/sprayed sheet pan or plate and put the pan/plate in the freezer. Once frozen, place the frozen tablespoons of butter into a storage container for future use and keep frozen until serving.

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