Pan-Seared Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce {Low-Carb and Gluten-Free}

PER Serving: Calories 525 | Fat 45g | Carbohydrates 2g | Fiber 0g | Net Carbohydrates 2g | Protein 28g

Recipe by Brandon McDearis

This low-carb Pan-Seared Salmon recipe couldn’t be easier to make. With a whopping 45 of fat and only 2g of net carbs per serving, it’s perfect for keto-lovers everywhere. Best of all, the lemon dill sauce takes this recipe to a whole new level. Even your non-keto friends will be impressed.

This recipe is: keto-friendly, low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, no sugar added




  1. Mix the salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder together in a bowl. Sprinkle liberally over the salmon and lightly rub it in. Reserve any remaining seasoning.
  2. Heat coconut oil in a skillet at medium-high heat for about 2 minutes until completely melted and the pan is hot. Sear the salmon fillets face down for about 3 minutes until cooked halfway up the side of the fillets. Flip the salmon and cook another 3 minutes or until the other half is cooked all the way. Remove from heat, but keep in the pan for another 2 minutes to allow it to cook all the way through. The salmon should be flaky with a fork when serving. Top each fillet with one tablespoon of butter and let it melt while you put your sauce together.
  3. Take remaining seasoning and add it to the Greek yogurt and sour cream, along with the rest of the ingredients. Top the salmon with a spoonful of lemon dill sauce before serving.
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