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Susan, 66

Lost 59 lbs

- Susan, 66

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Josie, 40

Lost 81 lbs

- Josie, 40

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Tabitha, 39

Lost over 54 lbs

- Tabitha, 39

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Vanessa, 44

Lost over 27 lbs

- Vanessa, 44

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Crystal, 36

- Crystal, 36

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Nicole M., 37

Lost 40 lbs

- Nicole M., 37

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Shannon M., 30

"Amazing! I lost weight in a reasonable amount of time. I learned a lot and took control of my life again."

- Shannon M., 30

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Linda T., 58

"I lost 2 inches off my waist and hips. My weight loss was only 9 pounds but I was able to fit into a couple pairs of pants that used to be too tight and I have more energy."

- Linda T., 58

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Valentin T., 33

"If you have thought about doing keto, now is the time because there is an online community that helps each other, encourages each, and has the same struggles. The instructors are great at responding quickly to your questions. I wish keto was as easy a few years ago as it is now."

- Valentin T., 33

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Tammy D., 47

"I am so grateful to KetoLogic for changing my life. YOU can do it - one meal and one day at a time!"

- Tammy D., 47

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Ryan S., 29

"All my clothes are too big or I finally fit into the clothes I’ve been holding onto hoping to fit in one day. Use the resources and community given to you and it will be the most rewarding first 30 days of a diet that you can have."

- Ryan S., 29

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Stephanie L., 31

"I have tried lot of diet type thing in the past and this is the only thing that has worked for me. Once I started the keto diet, I didn't feel hunger and had a ton of energy. While this started as a 30 day challenge, it’s now my new lifestyle!!"

- Stephanie L., 31

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