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Kriston G.

"I was already keto as a WOE when I started this and I had already lost 12 pounds, but I was at a standstill with weight loss. After using the KetoLogic shakes and BHB drink mix for 25 days, I lost another 6 pounds. The meal replacement was pretty tasty and it does seem to curb the appetite too!"

- Kriston G.

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Matt D., 31

"As a runner—especially a long distance runner— you sort of get in this habit of, ‘there’s a race coming up, two days before you carb load’… I competed in two events during the Keto 30, one was a half marathon and one was a Half-Ironman triathlon. Being on the Keto 30 program, being healthier, being energetic, keeps you focused, keeps your technique where it needs to be. I didn’t have a meteor crash after either race, my pace was much more consistent [and] I PR’d both events…"

- Matt D., 31

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Carrie M., 40

"The Keto 30 was brand new, I’ve never done it before. Nuts and avocados, and high fat meats and high fat cheeses… the things you’ve been limiting yourself [from] for so long, now you can eat. And this diet has been much easier on my body. I look better, I feel better, I sleep well, my eyesight’s great, I’m not so foggy anymore, my gut feels better… I eat less, I’m not as hungry. For me, it just rings true all the way around. This is a good, good change for me."

- Carrie M., 40

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