Susan, 66

Susan, 66

How long have you been on the keto diet? I started January 2020

Starting Weight: 227

Current Weight:  168

Total Weight Lost: 59 pounds

Why did you decide to participate in THE KETO 30 Challenge?

I have struggled for years with every “diet” plan there is. I have never stayed with any of them for long as they did not work. I was a mess and very unhappy. It was a new year and I was trying everything to lose weight. I had given up and then I saw the commercial with Tim Tebow and said this is the last try.

Describe your results on the KETO 30 Challenge?

Well it worked! Finally I found a change that actually taught me something. The products and amazing team have made me a new person. I am finally in control of my weight. I know I can give up the yo-yo diets. I am 66 years old and feel amazing. I am not on any meds which shocks other people my age. Trust me I have tried all the other diet plans short of bariatric surgery. NONE WORK. They don’t teach you anything! Ketologic products carry you through to success. I have put myself through years of beating myself up over weight loss blaming myself for failure. I now know it wasn’t me it was those diets. Thank you Ketologic coaches! Bless you all!

What advice would you give to someone considering the keto diet and/or THE KETO 30?

Keep going even if you slip. Ask questions. It’s so easy. Don’t let friends family or even doctors tell you it won’t work, it’s too hard. Trust me IT WORKS. Also, take a before photo. I did not have any I went from a 20W to a size 8 and look better now than I did at 40. The products are delicious and easy to use. I love the BHB and electrolytes. They really help with getting into Keto. Don’t question it. Do it. What have you got to lose but the weight and freedom from failure.

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