Josie, 40

Josie, 40

Josie, 40

Starting weight: 248 pounds (6/4/2018)

Current weight: 167 pounds (6/11/2019)

Weight lost: 81 pounds

I recently celebrated my first Ketoversary!!! Down 80 lbs and never felt better in my entire life.
As a working mother of 3, I was a little skeptical about starting the keto diet. With 3 little ones, I’m always on the go and meal prep and other diet plans were always a set-up for failure. I wondered what will I eat, what will my kids eat? Just seemed too overwhelming.

I went to my local nutrition store and they helped me understand more about the keto diet and introduced me to KetoLogic. What a lifesaver the KetoLogic chocolate meal replacement shakes were! When I came home tired from work with no clue of what I was going to eat, I would just make myself a shake. And they are soooo delicious!!! I really believe that’s why I was able to stick with keto in the beginning, the shakes took all the guesswork out of meal planning.

I also use the BHB quite often. Again, in the beginning, this was an absolute. Helped keep away the “keto flu” and gives me a boost when I’m feeling sluggish.

Worth mentioning, the entire 80 lbs was lost with no exercise! Crazy right? My only regret is that I didn’t start the keto way of life earlier. That’s exactly what it is for me now, a way of life! Even when I reach my goal weight, I will forever be keto. I have never felt this good physically, mentally or emotionally in my life!
My advice to anyone considering keto… now is the time, don’t wait, just jump in head first!


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