Crystal, 36

Crystal, 36
Crystal, before and after

Starting Weight: 180 (April 25, 2019)

Current Weight: 140 (October 11, 2019) | 125 (May 15, 2020)

Total Weight Lost: 55 pounds

Crystal’s Story:

I just wanted to share my story with y’all! Hi! I’m Crystal. I’m 36 years old, a wife, a teacher, and a mother of 2!

Ever since I started the keto lifestyle this past April 2019, I was very skeptical. I have dealt with hypothyroidism for 11 years and psoriasis for 26 years. My thyroid levels were never right even being on different thyroid meds. My weight got up to 180 lbs as of the beginning in April. My mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer in March and I knew I had to change my health so cancer would not have a chance in my body.

I started KetoLogic BHB plus caffeine every single morning (still do), and it has changed my life!!! My thyroid levels are now normal and my doctor has reduced my dosage on my thyroid meds. My 26 year battle with psoriasis is over, it is completely gone!!!

I have lost 55 lbs since April and I feel AMAZING!!! Thank you KetoLogic for a life changing product!!


Crystal, progress photo

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