Chrisi S., 38

Chrisi S., 38
Chrisi, before and after

Starting Weight: 179 (1/1/2019)

Current Weight: 161 (2/28/2019)

Weight Lost: 18 pounds

Total inches lost: 24 (chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves)

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Chrisi and I’m a 38 year old wife and mother. I started the KetoLogic 30 day challenge on January 1, 2019. I’ve mostly followed a Keto lifestyle for years as it helps with my autoimmune disease.

I was mostly healthy until tragedy struck my little family in 2017. On September 15, 2017, my seven year old had two strokes that almost took his life. He had emergency surgery to remove half of his skull and it saved his life. I became his nurse and full time caregiver and let myself go over the last year.

To be my best for him I have to remember to take care of myself! He is making progress everyday and just completed the surgery to make his skull whole again! He is amazing and such a strong fighter, inspiration and my hero! The least I can do is take care of myself because he deserves me at my best!

Why did you decide to participate in the KETO 30 Challenge? 

I made it a point to focus on my health in 2019. I came across the KetoLogic 30 day challenge and figured it couldn’t hurt. I’m so glad I did! After only 30 days, I lost 15 pounds and 13.5 inches. I was mind blown at how following a Keto Diet, one shake a day and two meals a day, could yield such amazing results in such a short amount of time!

How did you feel while doing the KETO 30? 

I can’t say that there is one negative thing I can say about keto or the KetoLogic products! Keto makes me feel amazing and gives me infinite energy to get through my very long days of taking care of my son, specialists appointments, school and outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy! Keto also gives me a sense of well being and I am able to handle stress much better than a carb laden diet.

What’s your favorite KetoLogic® KetoMeal™ flavor? 

My favorite KetoLogic flavor is the chocolate. I mix it with 8oz of unsweetened almond milk and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and it’s one of my most favorite meals. I also look forward to it as a treat if I want something sweet.

What’s your favorite KetoLogic® BHB flavor?

The BHB patriot pop flavor is amazing and it literally tastes like the ice patriot pops that you get as a kid!

What advice would you give to someone considering the keto diet and/or the KETO 30? 

My advice to anyone starting a keto lifestyle is to do your research! If your macros are in the optimal range, you will feel amazing! Also be consistent! We’re human and all have days we may eat something we’re not supposed to. The key is to jump right back in and not beat yourself up about it!


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