Valentin T., 33

Valentin T., 33
Valentin, before and after
Valentin and his son

Starting Weight: 288 (July 5, 2020)

Current Weight: 263 (August 4, 2020)

Weight Lost: 25 pounds

Tell us about yourself.

I am 33 years old from Texas and stay in Ohio for work. I am an essential worker (Safety Representative) for an oil and gas company. I am currently away from home working at our project site in Pennsylvania. I had heard about keto a couple years ago and decided to try it after failing at the juicing diet. I had good success my first go at keto but fell off the wagon. I gained my weight slowly and it has stayed there since. After being laid off due to Covid-19, I gained even more. The biggest I’ve ever been! There aren’t a whole lot of healthy choices near the work site (gas station food) so I decided it was time to get back on keto and develop healthy eating habits.

Why did you participate in the KETO 30 Challenge?

I have a 7 month old son back home and when I get back from this project, I want to be in shape (or at least way smaller) than I was when I left. I don’t want to be an overweight parent. I didn’t like that I had gained so much weight, and being away from family and friends due to my job, it took away the bad influences when it came to eating. I wanted to see if I could develop a good, healthy, and stable eating pattern. I love that I was able to join a community where other people were trying their best too. They shared some of the same struggles I was having. It was hard switching from dirty keto to clean keto but the information in the lessons helped, along with the recipes on the KetoLogic website. I crushed the plateau I was stuck at.

Describe your results on the KETO 30 Challenge.

At first, I lost 8 lbs and struggled for the next week and a half and lost 5-7 lbs. I felt my clothes feel looser because my pants were falling and I moved to the next belt notch. Workers would tell me, “hey, you got a belt on, use it! Your pants are falling.” I started to drink more water like the lessons and instructor suggested and getting a good night’s sleep. I started eating clean and the weight just started falling off.

What advice would you give to someone considering the KETO 30 Challenge?

If you have thought about doing keto, now is the time because there is an online community that helps each other, encourages each, and has the same struggles. The instructors are great at responding quickly to your questions. I wish keto was as easy a few years ago as it is now.


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