6 weight loss secrets from Keto Coach Dennis, the keto coach who lost 95 pounds on keto

6 weight loss secrets from Keto Coach Dennis, the keto coach who lost 95 pounds on keto
6 weight loss secrets from Keto Coach Dennis, the keto coach who lost 95 pounds on keto

All too often, weight loss or fitness coaches are naturally thin people who learned things about nutrition from a book.

Even the best fitness coaches who haven’t gone through the struggle of losing weight themselves won’t be able to put themselves in your shoes.

That’s why we made sure our resident keto coach here at KetoLogic has the book knowledge and the street smarts to help you lose weight and keep it off.

He knows because he has done it himself by losing 95 pounds on keto and has coached countless others to do the same.

Here are his top six secrets for losing weight on keto.

1. Honor your metabolism

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories while doing nothing.

And who doesn’t want to burn calories while sitting on the couch?

A sluggish metabolism can make it nearly impossible to lose weight.

And unfortunately, many chronic dieters have slower metabolisms from restricting their calories on an ongoing basis.

That’s why it’s not only essential to make sure your macros are in the right place on keto; it’s also important to make sure you’re eating enough calories. Great news, right? It means you can eat and still lose weight.

2. Understand your scale

Most people only weigh themselves first thing in the morning. But what if this wasn’t the most accurate way to measure your weight loss?

Keto Coach Dennis suggests tracking your AM and PM weights. Normally, you’ll see your evening weight drop faster, which can be a more real-time indicator of progress. Who knew?

3. Plan your go-tos

You’ve probably heard this one before. It’s because planning out meals in advance and having healthy snacks on hand works.

Just don’t forget: K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid! Don’t get overexcited and start making gourmet dishes every day just because you’re starting a new diet.

Products like KetoMeal shakes make meal prep effortless.

And snacks like Dennis’s favorite FBOMB nut butter packets keep you satisfied, satiated, and keto no matter what the circumstances.

4. Understand when to supplement, and when not to

The truth is that supplements do help with keto. But they’re not always necessary. Our KETO 30 bundles include the top supplements for getting started at keto; nothing less and nothing more.

Dennis’s top three supplement recommendations are:

  1. Electrolytes daily for helping keep the body balanced on keto
  2. Keto BHB to get started or as a pre-workout
  3. KetoMeal as an ingredient to make delicious keto desserts, like keto ice cream
The KETO 30 Ultimate and Premier Bundle both include Dennis’s top picks.

5. Make learning a habit

When it comes to succeeding on a weight loss plan, ignorance is not bliss.

There are so many resources available online to help you understand keto, and we try to make as many of those resources available to you as possible here on

But we know that’s not always enough, which is why we also provide coaching for you inside the challenge.

6. DON’T go it alone

This might be the most important one. Socially isolating yourself or trying to go it alone is a surefire way to get discouraged, feel more stressed, and eventually give up.

Thankfully, the KetoLogic Life Community is one of the most supportive places you’ll find for staying accountable to your weight loss goals.

The KETO 30 Challenge is the easiest way to get the weight loss support you need on keto.

You’ll get:

  • One-on-one coaching calls when you get stuck
  • A dedicated challenge group going through the KETO 30 Challenge with you at the same time who can support you along the way
  • Frequent check-ins and weekly opportunities to join Zoom calls where you can connect with others and ask questions
All of the coaching and community support is included for free with your bundle purchase when you buy the Premier Bundle.

It’s unheard of in the weight loss space not to charge for coaching and community. But we know how important it is for success, so that’s why it’s included with your KETO 30 Challenge Premier Bundle purchase.

To get started and access to your coaching, community, and weight loss plan, shop the Premier Bundle right here.

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