How to Use MCT Oil (You Don't Just Have to Eat It)

How to Use MCT Oil (You Don't Just Have to Eat It)
Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are pretty cool. They’re an unassuming, odorless, transparent liquid at room temperature, but they pack a serious health kick when incorporated into your diet.

Initially used to treat epilepsy (read: good for your brain) [1], they are now being cited for promoting weight loss [2], increased energy [3], mental focus [4], and a host of other health benefits ranging from improved cholesterol levels [5] to gut health [6]. And this isn’t just our opinion, there’s mounting scientific evidence to back up these claims. But in this article, we gloss over all the benefits (covered in detail here) and focus more on how to use MCT oil. 

Here’s what’s covered:

Power Up With MCT Oil

 There are four unique fatty acids that are used to build MCTs and they are responsible for the associated health benefits. Here are the top benefits:
  1. Helps You to Lose Weight
MCTs can help you reduce and maintain weight without increasing your blood cholesterol levels [7]. According to many studies, MCT oil decreases food consumption, promotes satiety, and increases oxidation of fats and expenditure of energy [8].  
  1. Fuels Your Brain
A 2016 study found that C8 MCT oil and C10 MCT oil can enhance the structure of the brain and boost your memory [9]. MCT fats can play a major role in treating conditions, such as depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and Alzheimer’s.
  1. Supports Your Digestive Health
MCTs have antimicrobial properties. They play an important role in killing bacteria such as Streptococcus, Shigella, and Escherichia. MCTs promote a healthy digestive system.

According to one study, MCTs were a key factor in breastmilk that increased the levels of good bacteria in newborn babies and protected their sensitive digestive systems [10].

  1. Improves Your Cardiovascular Health
Coconut oil is rich in MCTs. According to studies, coconut oil can improve your cardiovascular health [11]. Lauric acid has been shown to increase your good cholesterol levels [12].

Liquid MCT Oil or Powdered?

MCT supplements come in oil and powder forms. They are essentially the same thing (healthy fats), but in two different phases. One is solid (powder) and the other is a liquid oil. The real difference lies in the practical details of how they can be used. So don’t fret over this too much. Most people usually grab the oil and may pick up the powdered form later on.

You’re probably wondering how oil is turned to powder?

MCT oil is converted into a powder through a spray drying process common to the food industry (think powdered milk and coffee). The oil is combined with a carrier material (something to bind with the oil) and then it’s sprayed into hot air and dries as a powder. This generally preserves the chemical properties of the oil [13], but seems to add a small amount of “filler” since a binding material is added to the oil before it can be spray-dried. And that’s the only downside—you get a small amount of “filler” when you buy powdered MCT oil. But that’s inevitable and par for the course, not a way to make more money (and is usually compensated for when price/volume is decided).

Liquid-Form MCT Oil
Pros Cons
  • No carrier powder used
  • Can separate out of water-based liquids over time
  • Easy to pour and measure
  • Containers might leak
  • Can be used with other liquids (salad dressings, coffee, etc.)
  • Can seem oily in drinks if not mixed well
Powder-Form MCT Oil
Pros Cons
  • Storage containers don’t get oily
  • Paired with a carrier powder material (make sure it’s keto-friendly)
  • Easy to mix with other powders
  • Requires extensive mixing in cold drinks
  • Can add a creamy texture to drinks

Weird Ways to Use MCT Oil (You Don’t Just Have to Eat It!)

So besides all the ways you can eat it, try using MCT oil as:
  • Lip balm
  • Massage oil
  • Scalp and hair treatment
  • Ingredients in a DIY bath bomb
Who knew?! We usually eat ours, but it's good to know that if we get stressed out or are sore from a tough workout, we have massage oil on hand. 

Fail-Safe Tips to Buying MCT Oil

Here are a couple of fail-safe tips for buying MCT oil: 
  1. Choose MCT oil made with C8 and C10 for fastest ketone production. Your body turns C8 MCT oil into ketones easily [14]. C6 MCT oil and C10 MCT oil are also good, but C6 doesn’t taste that great. 
  2. Source MCT oil that’s made from coconuts (rather than palm oil). Just trust us on this one...
  3. Double check the type of carrier powder used to make powdered MCT. That’s because some carrier powders increase your insulin levels and can knock you out of ketosis. Don’t buy products that include glucose or maltodextrin on their list of ingredients. 
Note: Resistant dextrin and acacia gum are acceptable carrier powders. Acacia gum is an excellent source of water-soluble dietary fiber (which is good to eat more of since most of us don’t eat enough [15]). Dextrin is a resistant starch that is not digested by your body. It acts as a prebiotic and feeds good intestinal bacteria. It also helps maintain good cholesterol levels.

So What, Now What? (3 Easy Steps to Get Yours Now)

MCT oil has been around the block and it’s not going away. That’s because the science is compelling—it does improve your health. If we've convinced you to try it, use these tips to avoid newbie mistakes:
  1. Acknowledge the science-backed health benefits. They are real and this helps motivate you to take this health supplement seriously.
  2. Know what you want. We recommend MCT oil made with C8 and C10 fatty acids. They are the fastest acting and considered the most potent [16].
  3. Buy from a reputable brand. While your first bottle of MCT oil might not seem like a big purchase, you could be setting up a lasting relationship. So why not do that with a brand that offers premium quality products along with intangibles like informative well-researched content, guided weight loss programs, and coaching through a supportive virtual community. 
Check out KetoLogic’s C8/C10 MCT Oil and sign up for the KETO 30 Challenge! You won’t be disappointed! 

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