Keto Gifts: Your Low-Carb Holiday Gift Guide

Keto Gifts: Your Low-Carb Holiday Gift Guide
Stuck on present ideas for your low-carb loved ones? Don't worry, we’ve got your back.

We'll walk you through the why and how of keto holiday gifts. There are eight categories below with options for those brand new to the diet all the way to keto pros.

For those who know nothing about the keto diet, we've included a "Why" blurb at the top of each section. This will help you understand how your loved one might use the gift, and help you make a more informed choice about what to get them.

Enjoy this keto holiday gift guide!

Why Buy Your Low-Carb Loved One Keto Gifts?

If you've come across this guide, there's a good chance that someone in your life has been talking about the keto diet. And there's an even better chance that they've been talking about it.

How do we know? Because low-carb diets get results, and when people start to see how effortless weight loss is on a ketogenic diet, they get excited. It's kind of hard to not talk about it.

Buying a loved one a keto-themed holiday gift is your way of showing support for their diet and health goals. Plus, many of the options on the list below will actually help them stick to their diet.

6 Keto Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are eight holiday gift ideas for the ketogenic dieter in your life. Are you the one following keto? Treat yourself with the gift of self improvement this year!

#1. KETO 30 Challenge Bundle

Why: Because they'll have all the tools they need to make a total body transformation.keto christmas gift ideas
  • KETO 30 Challenge Bundle: all of the products you need to start and stick to the ketogenic diet for 30 days, plus free access to coaches and community accountability.
What better way to show your loved ones support by getting them all the tools they need to be successful? That's, after all, what the KETO 30 Challenge is.

It comes with:

  • 30 days worth of all the products you need to complete the challenge (KetoMeal, BHB, and grass-fed collagen protein)
  • A step-by-step keto diet plan (more on this later)
  • Exclusive access to KetoLogic's team of trained coaches
Plus bonuses like discounts on future supplements and other supplement add-ons.

This is an ideal gift for new keto dieters or someone that's been wanting to start. It cuts out a ton of guesswork by showing newbies the path that's worked for thousands before them.

#2. Keto Snacks

Why: Because everyone loves snacks!keto gifts

Try these keto-friendly snacks:

Keto is a high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein nutritional approach. Most keto dieters have no problem crafting delicious meals within these parameters— a lean protein, a handful of veggies, and some healthy fat to cook everything in, and you're good to go.

One area some struggle with, though, is snacks. If you're a snacker, there isn't a "ton" of obvious snack options on a low-carb diet. Crackers, granola bars, and most fruit don't fit the bill.

But things like low-carb nut butter, cheese crisps, low-carb snack bars, and meat sticks do!

Packed with healthy fats and low in carbs, they're perfect for the hours in between meals, road trips, or other times in the day where you can't sit down for a full meal.

We guarantee the keto dieters in your life will love any of these snacks as a gift. Use them as a stocking stuffer, or buy in bulk so they have enough to make it through winter.

#3. Keto Books or Cookbooks

Why: Because it's easier to stick to a diet when you have all the information (and when food tastes good)! Ever followed a diet where the food wasn't very good? How easy was that diet to stick to?

Our guess: not easy at all. Science confirms what all of us know to be true—if you don't enjoy the food you eat, you'll have a much harder time sticking to your diet[*].

That's why a good keto recipe cookbook is an awesome gift for the low-carber in your life. The best part about it is you can find options for anyone, even people who don't love cooking.

For example, KetoLogic's recipe booklet and The KetoLogic Lifestyle are both affordable options with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Julie Smith's Keto Your Way is a hardcover book with over 140 recipes that work for a busy schedule and a tight budget.

And if you want a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to live the Keto Life, check out The Ketogenic Lifestyle.

#4. A Keto Meal Plan

Why: Because it makes life easier, especially if they're busy or on a budget.keto gift ideas Intuitively, we all know how to lose weight or get healthy: prepare healthy food, then eat it. Repeat this behavior day in and day out until we get the results we want.

But as we also know, it's never that simple. If, for example, you aren't sure what type of food to make—or what constitutes as "healthy" on a low-carb diet—that makes things more difficult. Perhaps so much so that you feel intimidated about starting.

That's where a good keto meal plan comes in. It effectively eliminates the "what", freeing you up to focus on the "how".

Think of a keto meal plan like a cookbook plus coaching. It gives you the recipes and all the information you need to follow the diet correctly.

We like Ketogenic Girl's meal plans because of her many options. From 28-day hardcover manuals to digital online pamphlets, you can find the right meal plan for your loved one's goals.

#5. An Activity Tracker

Why: Movement is part of a healthy lifestyle and if you’re already making changes to improve your health, you might as well add some exercise to the mix - and understand how much you’re doing!


An activity tracker or wearable fitness watch isn't keto-specific, but still a great gift for anyone trying to make health and fitness a priority.

The facts are the facts: people who exercise lose more weight than people who don't[*].

And working out can be a lot more fun with a device that tracks data like:

  • Number of steps per day
  • Number of calories burned
  • Heart rate during exercise and sleep (the latter is important for tracking recovery)
With digital goal-setting features and more, your loved ones can gamify their exercise routines and make working out habitual.

And you don't have to break the bank, either. The FitBit line has some more expensive waters, but you can get an alternative product, like the LETSCOM, for under $30.

#6. Keto Swag

Why: Because acknowledging and celebrating the low-carb life is a nice thing to do! To some extent, we're all attached to the way we eat. A little keto "gear" is a fun, unique way for someone using the diet to transform their life.

It's also a good conversation starter. Friends that come over for coffee, or a curious person at the grocery store, might say, "You're on the keto diet? How's it work for you?"

If a loved one in your life has experienced amazing results using the keto diet, this is a cool way to acknowledge their achievements. It's a good gift idea no matter how long they've been using the diet.

Keto Holiday Gift Guide: Wrap Up

Keto-friendly gifts are an awesome way to show your loved ones you support their diet and health goals. This keto holiday gift guide offers ideas for people wanting to start the diet, newbies that are still learning the ropes, and seasoned pros that have already experienced awesome results (hint: all three like snacks!).

Use this guide to find the right gift for the person in your life. Happy holidays to you and the low-carb dieters in your life!

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