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Three Ways to Stay in Ketosis While Traveling

Hitting the road for the holidays?

Tip #1: Intermittent Fasting

This first "hack" isn’t something that is super difficult to do, but it helps a TON when you’re on the road with minimal keto-friendly options.

You see, I rarely -- and I mean RARELY -- eat breakfast, especially when I’m on the road. I know that it’s kind of backwards thinking because a lot of us were trained to believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, skipping breakfast and continuing on to a 16-hour fast isn't only essential to maximizing your fat loss goals, it's also essential to getting you into ketosis quickly and safely!

I personally follow a traditional 16/8 fast. This means I’m not eating for 16 hours, and then I have an 8-hour window to eat all my meals. Since I spend 8 of those 16 fasting hours sleeping, this isn’t hard to do at all. I strongly recommend incorporating this into your keto lifestyle!

Tip #2: Say Hello to BHB

I’m a big fan of KetoLogic's products! The reason I love KetoLogic and their BHB so much is because it's a great tasting (Patriot Pop is my favorite 😋) and convenient fuel source for everyone, especially those living a low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle.

Drink your BHB during those afternoon energy “slumps," or to help fuel physical and mental performance to get you though a busy travel day!

Tip #3: Bring Your Fats With You

The hardest part of the Keto diet is getting enough fats in each day. If you go out to a restaurant, it’s pretty easy to get in protein and carbs, but there aren’t a lot of options for healthy fats when you’re on the road.

Well, I found (in my honest opinion) the BEST on-the-go meal replacement! Keto Meal is one of the best high-fat meal replacements you will find. This delicious MCT-based meal replacement is great tasting, promotes fat loss, supports ketone production, is university-studied, and contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors!

Personally, I keep several single-serve Keto Meal packets on me at all times. All you need is to mix with water and BAM... tasty, fat-filled meal replacement in seconds!

Now if you don’t want to go out and buy certain products, that’s totally cool! I know some people that carry around grass-fed butter in baggies, slabs of bacon, or my personal favorite... cans of sardines! While it’s messy (and potentially smelly), it can be done!

Lastly, if you DO go to a restaurant, you don’t have to bring your fats with you! While looking over the menu, shoot for higher fat foods such as a burger, pork belly, steak, or even a Cobb salad with blue cheese dressing. Just make sure to avoid the carbs (just say no to the bread basket!) and skip dessert and you'll be just fine!

I hope these tips will help make achieving or remaining in ketosis easier for you while traveling!

Keep in mind, keto is a lifestyle, not a "get fit quick" gimmick. Finding ways to better incorporate keto into your lifestyle will increase your chances of sticking with it.


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