The Best Keto Italian Recipes to Try

The Best Keto Italian Recipes to Try
Time to stock up on mutz, sauce, and herbs, because we have some AMAZING low-carb Italian recipes coming your way.

Italian-American food is almost synonymous with a high-carb diet. Every dish generally has mounds of pasta, bread, or dough. This leads a lot of dieters to count Italian food out of their diet altogether. We went another route. We created mouth-watering, low-carb Italian recipes that will add variety, flavor, and Italian flare to your meal plan. Check them out!

Italian Meatballs

low-carb italian recipes-ketologic-meatballs

Each little meatball is packed with Italian herbs, spices, and cheese. You can either serve them covered in sauce or over a bed of creamed spinach for a protein-packed Italian meal without the hundreds of grams of carbs.

RECIPE: Italian Meatballs

Chicken Piccata

low-carb italian recipes-ketologic-chicken-piccata

Juicy chicken thighs, buttery piccata sauce, and salty capers combine to make an out-of-this-world Italian dish that's essentially carb-free! Serve with a side of mixed greens or garden salad for a classic, Italian restaurant feel.

RECIPE: Chicken Piccata

Eggplant Lasagna

low-carb italian recipes-ketologic-eggplant-lasagna

The firm, silky texture of cooked eggplant closely mimics the mouthfeel of pasta, making it a PERFECT low-carb substitute. Packed with minerals and fiber to boot, half an eggplant, which makes up half of this recipe, can be as little as 15 grams of carbs versus the 20 grams of carbs you would get from a single serving of regular lasagna.

RECIPE: Eggplant Lasagna

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