Buyer Beware: What to Watch Out For When Buying Keto Products

By Molly Devine, RD

It seems like everywhere you look, a new brand of keto products is popping up. Most are new brands, while others are decades-old consumer product brands that are venturing into the keto world, hoping to capitalize on it as it continues to grow in popularity. Some of these include brands that have been staunchly anti-fat (pro low-fat) for years and are now suddenly jumping on the high-fat bandwagon.

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Because there are so many keto food products and supplements on the market, it’s critical to know how to determine which brands are the real deal, and which ones are jumping on the bandwagon without doing the necessary research and development to provide quality and effective products. The keto market is quickly becoming saturated with products, and not all of them are actually keto.

Ask yourself these questions when you consider a keto brand:  

Ask yourself these questions when you evaluate keto products:

Bottom line

Look beyond the slick packaging and understand the brand and the products you’re using. If a company is rushing into the keto game to capitalize on what they consider a “fad diet,” or they’re using aggressive sales people motivated more by commission than by a quality product, it is probably a good idea to avoid them.

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