10 Awesome Keto Snacks You Can Find at Your Local Drugstore

10 Awesome Keto Snacks You Can Find at Your Local Drugstore
We’ve all been there. You’re running late, you’re hungry (maybe even hangry), and your only option is to grab a quick bite somewhere -- anywhere -- without kicking you out of ketosis. Fortunately, drugstores, including CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, now carry tons of great options for the on-the-go keto-lover. But why limit yourself to drugstore shopping? Try these other great keto snacks, #9 might surprise you!

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Without delay, here are some of our favorites:

1. Oscar Mayer P3 Ham Cheddar Almond

14g of fat, 12g of protein, 3g of net carbs. It sounds too good to be true. Thankfully, it’s not. P3 is Oscar Mayer’s line of portable protein packs, and while they’re high in protein, they’re also full of healthy fat. Keto-lovers, rejoice!

2. Kraft Mozzarella String Cheese

String cheese is synonymous to an on-the-go snack. 6g of fat, 7g of protein, and 0g of carbs. The protein may be a little high to base your whole diet around, but this is the perfect snack for rounding out your macros.

3. Nice! Premium Bacon Jerky

We know not everyone loves beef jerky, but Nice! Premium Bacon Jerky is something else entirely. Although the protein is slightly higher than the fat (11g to 8g respectively), there’s only a single gram of carbs in each serving. It doesn’t get much better than that.

4. FBOMB Nut Butters

Gather around, because this is exciting... FBOMB Nut Butters are now at CVS (or buy them direct here) That means a delicious on-the-go snack with 22g of fat, 2g of protein, and 1g of net carbs is never far away. The keto game has officially been changed.

5. Old Wisconsin Meat Stick Beef

You should really sit down for this: 21g of fat, 14g of protein, and 2g of carbs. That’s about as keto as it gets. Let’s give Old Wisconsin a hand for helping us stay on track.

6. Goya Pork Rinds

They may be thought of as a deeply-Southern snack, but pork rinds or pork cracklings are popular all over the world, and for good reason. Each serving of Goya Pork Rinds has 5g of fat, 8g of protein, and 0g of carbs. That sounds pretty darn good to us.

7. Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk

Every tasty drugstore drink is packed with sugar. Well, almost all. Silk PureAlmond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla is our go-to drink when we’re in a rush. 2.5g of fat, 1g of protein, and 1g of carbs is hard to beat. It’s also a great source of vitamin E and is packed with more calcium than dairy milk. Need we say more?

8. KetoLogic® KetoMeal®

KetoLogic® KetoMeal® is now at CVS! Get the perfect on-the-go keto meal replacement wherever you are. Just add water, shake it up, and you’re good to go.

9. Oscar Mayer Classic Hotdog Wieners

While not the best on-the-go snack, Oscar Mayer Classic Hotdog Wieners are perfect for barbecues, camping trips, and everything in between. 10g of fat, 5g of protein, and 1g of carbs per serving sounds pretty good to us!

10. Nice! Premium Macadamia Nuts Dry Roasted

You might think there are a lot of nut options on this list. And you’d be right. But we’ve saved the best for last with Nice! Premium Macadamia Nuts. 23g of fat, 2g of protein, 2g of carbs. Yeah, we know. You’re welcome.

It can be hard to find a keto-friendly snack, especially on the go, but it’s not impossible. Thanks to the wide variety of snacks now carried by most drugstores, you can keep charging ahead without letting your macros fall behind.


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