Low-Carb Soup Recipes for the Keto Diet

Low-Carb Soup Recipes for the Keto Diet
Tired of seeing soup recipes loaded with pasta, rice, and potatoes? We're sharing our FAVORITE low-carb soup recipes that will have you feeling full, satisfied, and on track to crush your diet.

Give your fork and knife a break, and bust out your ladles and spoons because you'll want to dive headfirst into these low-carb soup recipes. We love all sorts of soups, chilis, gumbos, and chowders because they're so filling and so easy to make! Here are our favorite low-carb soup recipes:

1. Keto Chili

Keto Chili Recipe

Every spoonful of this extra meaty keto chili is filled with ground sausage, cheese, scallions, and spices. Consider this recipe your new go-to chili recipe! Pro tip: cook this recipe in a crock pot for several hours to let the flavor of the spices really soak into the meat and sauce.

RECIPE: Keto Chili

2. Cauliflower Soup

low-carb soup recipes-ketologic-cauliflower-soup

The ever-versatile cauliflower is back! This time, in a creamy soup perfect for a cold day or late night snack. Sprinkle on the crunchy bacon crumbles and chopped scallion greens for a robust, salty and umami flavor.

RECIPE: Cauliflower Soup

3. Braised Short Ribs with French Onion Soup

Sweet onions and tender meat go hand-in-hand in this flavor-packed braised ribs with French onion soup recipe. While we chose to let the meat soak in the soup, and then eat it on a plate, another option is to shred the meat in the pot and indulge in bowl after bowl of this amazing soup!

RECIPE: Braised Short Ribs with French Onion Soup

4. Fisherman's Chowder

keto seafood recipes-ketologic-fishermans-chowder

Dive into this Fisherman's Chowder and enjoy spoonful after spoonful of creamy broth, tender fish, and crispy bacon. The subtle notes of white wine, thyme, and citrus make this chowder a decadent must-have! This is the ultimate way to re-purpose leftover seafood. You owe it to yourself to try this recipe out at least once.

RECIPE: Fisherman's Chowder

Check out our growing list of chef-tested keto recipes to keep your diet fun and exciting!

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