Santa Claus: Type 2 Diabetic? Or Luckiest Man on Earth?

Santa Claus: Type 2 Diabetic? Or Luckiest Man on Earth?

He’s a large jolly man draped in red, living in the North Pole, and spreading Christmas cheer all over the world. Santa Claus is a larger-than-life figure, but let’s be honest, Santa’s lifestyle puts him at risk for Type 2 Diabetes. The signs have been present for some time - his belly shakes like jelly, he’s not known for physical fitness, and he certainly has an affinity for sugars and carbs. Taking a look at Santa’s past, there are 5 reasons that Santa is a Diabetic, or has miraculously avoided Type 2 Diabetes to the shock of nutritionists around the world.

1. Love of Sugary Sodas

Santa began an intimate relationship with sugary drinks in the 1920s. Most agree that Santa’s red suit was even a gift from one of the world’s leading soda companies during the 1920s or early 1930s. It is believed that Santa enjoyed this sugary beverage so much that he signed an endorsement deal that lasted for decades.

In recent years, Santa flip-flopped brands, but he has yet to endorse healthier lifestyle drinks.

2. Addiction to Chocolate

As if the sodas weren’t enough, Santa soon began pairing the sugary sodas with chocolate bars. It’s unclear which Santa enjoyed more, but it’s safe to say that both were staples in his diet for many years.

3. Meal of Choice: Fast Food

With soda and chocolate as two of his favorite vices since the 1920s, it’s likely that Santa’s path towards diabetes began long before his affinity for fast food, which came to the public eye in the 1970s. Not known for nutritious options, fast food menus are often full of high-starch carbohydrates that are commonly linked to Type 2 Diabetes.

4. Constant Consumption of Candy

Santa didn’t venture too far when he began endorsing candy companies during the 1990s. Given his near 30-year relationship with these companies, it is surprising that he’s caught off guard by their characters each year. Perhaps he avoided becoming familiar with the characters out of the guilt he feels from consuming their brethren.

5. All Those Cookies

Last but not least, Santa implores millions of families to provide him with milk and cookies on Christmas Eve as he delivers presents. This is Santa’s big night of physical activity, and he chooses to refuel with sugar-packed cookies!

While we all hope that Santa has miraculously avoided Type 2 Diabetes through the years, we should also hope that he makes some serious lifestyle changes before it’s too late. Santa would greatly benefit from a trip down Keto Lane!

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