Tim Tebow Gets Married and Stays Keto During His Wedding

Tim Tebow Gets Married and Stays Keto During His Wedding
Congratulations to Tim Tebow and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters! The gorgeous couple said “I do” on January 20, 2020 in South Africa, during an intimate sunset ceremony.

The former NFL quarterback and Miss Universe 2017 read personal vows to each other during a 30-minute ceremony at La Paris Estate in Cape Town, in front of about 260 guests. 

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The wedding reception included a menu that incorporated both American and South African cuisine. Dishes featured steak, mussels, assorted cheeses, and pasta. 

Tim has been on the ketogenic diet since late 2011, so one of the dishes served was a keto-friendly salad made with baby spinach, bacon, berries, cucumbers, vinegar and olive oil. It’s a salad that Demi-Leigh described as a favorite of theirs. 

According to their exclusive interview with People magazine, Demi-Leigh shared: “It’s such a simple salad, but we eat it all the time and it’s delicious. So we wanted it to be part of the wedding.”

Another keto entree was the groom’s cake! 

"We chose a [keto] cheesecake. That way, Tim can stick to his diet,” Demi-Leigh told People. "I wanted him to have something that he could eat without any guilt."

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Why does Tim Tebow love the ketogenic diet?

Tim credits the keto diet for improved energy and better focus. He says the key is to find the foods you like and to keep it simple. 

For breakfast, Tim enjoys boosted keto coffee and keto scrambles. Lunch is typically a salad. And for dinner, Tim loves steak! You can find other delicious keto recipes in Tim’s 7-day Meal Plan

In October 2019, Tim appeared on the Rachael Ray Show to share the benefits of the ketogenic way of eating and explain why he started eating keto in the first place. 

"A trainer I worked with told me about it," Tim told Rachael, "and he told me what was happening for so many people. I tried it, I loved it." 

Tim also told Rachael that when his father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, his doctor advised him to try keto because they believed the good fats would help his brain.

In anticipation of Tim’s visit, Rachael created a keto-friendly recipe just for him to enjoy on the show! 

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Tim also talked about the keto diet’s role in his life on Fox & Friends and Fox News Radio with Brian Kilmeade. He shared some of his favorite keto snacks with the anchors and discussed how he hopes his partnership with KetoLogic will make the keto lifestyle more convenient and accessible to everyone. 

Tim frequently shares his favorite keto drinks and snacks on Instagram. For example, he’s shared how he uses KetoLogic BHB to make his morning keto coffee and keto root beer float. 

Are you ready to #GoKetoWithTebow?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that typically breaks down to 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. The idea is that by drastically cutting carb consumption, your body must turn to using ketones for fuel, which describes a state of ketosis. In essence, your body transitions from a carb-burning machine to a fat-burning machine. 

There are three main types of keto diets, with the Standard Keto Diet being the most popular among them. Starting out on the keto diet can seem intimidating and overwhelming to rookies, which is why Tim has partnered with KetoLogic and recommends the KETO 30 Challenge to those just getting started

The KETO 30 Challenge is ideal for those new to the keto diet, those who have not had success with keto previously, or those who have hit a plateau on keto (or just need to get back on track). Tim’s ketogenic diet guide for beginners is a great resource for keto newbies or those who need a quick refresher.

In order to make keto more convenient, KetoLogic also offers a wide variety of keto supplements, such as exogenous ketones and meal replacement shakes, and snacks, including Keto Crisps (100% cheddar oven-baked cheese crisps), Keto Snack Bars, and Keto Indulge™ dark chocolate candy

One of the nice things about the keto diet is that you can test your urine or blood to see whether you’re in a state of ketosis. While not required, it can be motivating to some people to know whether they’re on the right track. And if you’re not seeing the weight loss you desire, it can help you troubleshoot.

Once you get into the swing of things like Tim, you won’t need to be strict on calculating macros and testing for ketosis. You’ll just know whether you’re on track by how your body feels and the level of energy you have. 

If you’re struggling to shed unwanted pounds, want to have more energy, or simply want to feel better, we encourage you to #GoKetoWithTebow by committing to the KETO 30 or your own keto-inspired lifestyle!

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