Need Motivation? Here Are 5 Reasons To Do The KETO 30 Challenge

Need Motivation? Here Are 5 Reasons To Do The KETO 30 Challenge
Look better. Feel better. Think better. Sleep better. Live better. The KETO 30 Challenge is a 30-day program designed to jump-start your keto journey and improve your life, both physically and mentally. Consider it an investment in your own health and happiness. Here are the top 5 reasons to sign up:
  1. Simplify your diet. 
Your life is already busy and hectic. That’s probably why you haven’t had time to focus on yourself and stick to a diet or fitness regimen. And that’s exactly why the KETO 30 was designed with just four simple steps a day. 1) Drink a KetoLogic® KetoMeal® shake for breakfast. 2) Eat two keto or low-carb meals (lunch and dinner). 3) Drink 1-2 servings of KetoLogic BHB. 4) Do a 20-minute workout. That’s it. It’s very easy and requires minimal planning and effort.

Wondering what to do for your daily workout? KetoLogic offers free workout plans that only take 15-20 minutes a day and are designed for maximum effectiveness.

Wondering what to eat? KetoLogic has tons of free chef-inspired recipes, covering everything from appetizers to desserts. Use our KETO 30 Shopping List so your kitchen is well-stocked with keto-friendly foods.

  1. Lose weight.
Weight loss is probably the most popular reason for doing the KETO 30. This program helps you shed pounds by helping your body achieve ketosis. This means turning your body from a glucose-burning machine into a fat-burning machine. When you start eating more fat, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you start burning fat.
  1. Feel more energized.
Eating a low-carbohydrate/high-fat diet will give you more energy. The fat you consume will keep you full and satiated for hours. It’ll suppress your appetite. It’ll curb your cravings. The keto diet will keep your body humming along with steady energy throughout the day. Say goodbye to afternoon energy crashes.
  1. Improve mental focus and clarity.
An added bonus to going keto is an increase in mental sharpness. Poor diet often contributes to brain fog, which prevents you from being able to focus on simple tasks or remember little details. Studies have shown that when your body gets energy from breaking down ketones, you’ll experience improved mental focus and reduced stress and anxiety. Research also shows that the essential fatty acids (specifically, Omega-3 fatty acids) you consume on a keto diet can support learning and memory performance.
  1. Sleep more soundly.
Studies show being in Ketosis can increase Slow Wave Sleep and REM. Other studies point to lower blood sugar due to a low-carb diet as being the reason for improved sleep quality. You may see articles linking a ketogenic diet to sleep issues. This may be true for some individuals at the beginning as your body adjusts to not having carbs as a source of “comfort food.” Carbs directly impact your insulin levels so cutting carbs drastically may cause temporary sleep disturbances. But once your body becomes keto adapted, your sleep quality should noticeably improve. As a general rule of thumb, try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, and go to bed before midnight.

Still on the fence? Here are some testimonials from people who have completed the KETO 30 Challenge.

"I don’t feel deprived AND I’m losing the weight that harms my self-esteem. In just 30 days, I lost 10 pounds, but it looks like I lost more because I also shaved 2″ off my waist and 2″ off my hips!" - Tabitha S., 38 (Read more from Tabitha)

"Keto works, and I am so thankful for KetoLogic and their team that got me started on this journey. Oh, and fat bombs are the greatest thing ever!" - Jeff B., 42 (Read more from Jeff)

"You will really be amazed at the transformation if you stick to the Keto 30 Plan. You can do it!" - Melissa T., 37 (Read more from Melissa)

"I started dropping weight immediately, but maintained strength and energy for grueling CrossFit WODs, maintained good energy levels throughout the day without mid-day slumps or crashes, and slept much better. In mere days, I went from feeling crappy from all the carbs I was eating to feeling lighter, more energized, and more present for the people in my life. Change is hard and scary, but nothing ever worth doing is easy.” – Bill K., 46 (Read more from Bill)

"It’s so much better to have a plan and have products to base your day on. The recommendation of one MRP shake, 2 servings of BHB, and 2 healthy keto meals a day has been a great foundation for me to plan my days around.” – Kristen H., 40 (Read more from Kristen)

“I look better, I feel better, I sleep well, my eyesight’s great, I’m not so foggy anymore, my gut feels better… I eat less, I’m not as hungry. For me, it just rings true all the way around. This is a good, good change for me." – Carrie M., 40 (Read more from Carrie)

"We definitely think KetoLogic works if you stick to the process. After our 30 days, we experienced weight loss, more energy, and just better overall health." - Ketogenic Supplement Reviews (Read more of their review)

Sign up for the KETO 30 Challenge today! And join our free and supportive KetoLogic Life Community where you can ask questions, exchange recipe ideas, and receive advice and encouragement from fellow KETO 30 participants. You’ll love the transformation you see in 30 days.

*Consult your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet. Results may vary.

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