Salted Caramel Keto Smoothie

Salted Caramel Keto Smoothie
PER Smoothie: CALORIES 567 | FAT 52g | CARBOHYDRATES 15g | FIBER 6.5g | Sugar Alcohol 3.5g | NET CARBOHYDRATES 5g | PROTEIN 13g

Most people can agree that a cool drink on a hot summer day is a pretty awesome thing.

Problem is, low-carb dieters usually can't afford such a luxury. Unless they're drinking water or a black iced coffee, maybe. 

Not bad options, but sometimes it's okay to want a little more.

After all, most of the cold beverages we associate with summer—smoothies, lemonade, even soda from time to time—are not keto or low-carb friendly. There is simply too much sugar and other unhealthy ingredients to make it worth your while.

Which is why even reading the title of this recipe, your brain probably went, "A Salted Caramel keto smoothie? That doesn't sound keto at all!"

But it is in fact keto, and it's just as delicious as it sounds.

We use two rockstar keto ingredients to keep carbs low: Salted Caramel KetoLogic KetoMeal and FBOMB Macadamia Nut Butter. Both high fat and super good for you!

Toss in some almond milk, heavy cream, and ice, and you've got a delicious, healthy, high-fat concoction that's perfect for summer. Cheers!

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Keto smoothie

Ingredients You’ll Need

Keto smoothie

Ingredient Highlights

This keto smoothie recipe has so many awesome ingredients, we couldn't choose one to highlight. Here's a bit more on three of the health superstars in this cool, refreshing drink!


Salted Caramel KetoMeal

Let's be honest: most meal replacement drinks miss the mark. 

They're either full of fillers, not that nutritious, or don't taste very good. 

But Salted Caramel KetoMeal (by itself or in a smoothie like this one) checks all three of those boxes. It's got a sweet and salty flavor, and it's loaded with nutritious ingredients, like:

  • MCT Oil: Among its many benefits, MCT oil has been shown to promote ketosis and enhance brain function [1][2]. And because the strands of fatty acids in MCT oil are shorter (the MC stands for medium-chain), your brain can use it as an immediate fuel source.
  • KetoMeal contains more than 12 essential vitamins and minerals. So on top of being delicious and keto-promoting, it's basically like taking a multivitamin, too!
  • It's high in fiber, with 3.5g of it in each serving. Fiber is an essential nutrient that keeps you full and reduces net carb count, because it helps slow the digestion of carbs [3]. Fiber also helps promote gut health.

Plus, hundreds of people have said it's one of the best-tasting meal replacement drinks they've ever tried—keto or not!


FBOMB Macadamia Nut Butter

Next up is FBOMB Macadamia Nut Butter, which is like the ultimate high-fat energy snack packed into a small wrapper. 

It contains fiber, protein, and plenty of healthy omega-3 fats, which are both heart and brain healthy [4].

And it doesn't contain any preservatives, additives, or fillers—only macadamia nuts and sea salt!

(And if you're feeling really fancy, it comes in other flavors, too!)

Almond Milk

Some people choose almond milk to avoid dairy. Whatever your reason is for using it, though, almond milk can be a welcome addition to any person's diet.

That's because it contains [5]:

  • Liberal amounts of vitamins A, D, and E.
  • Minerals like calcium, iron, and phosphorus.
  • Only 1g net carbs per serving!

Suffice it to say, it won't hurt to keep a little extra almond milk on hand after you make this salted caramel macadamia smoothie!


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Salted Caramel Keto Smoothie Recipe

Keto smoothie




  1. In a high-speed blender, combine all ingredients.
  2. Blend until smooth. Add more ice if desired.
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Yield: 1

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